Welcome to my website! I am C.S. Bezas. I've been writing music since I was nine years old. My music now has been played all over the world through downloads at CDBaby, in hospitals, therapy, and universities. Even more importantly, people have downloaded my music to play in their own home to relax and bring peace to their own family situation.

Why do I write? Because I want to bring quiet to a very noisy world. Have you ever seen conflict? Of course you have. The evening news is full of it (which is why I rarely watch it any more). Each piece I compose hopes to bring a window of peace into your life and the lives of our fellow brothers and sisters on this big blue marble of a world we live on!

Have fun exploring the site. Imagine sitting in the golden chair above, listening to the music I offer. And before you leave, make sure to download your own free copy of one of my most popular compositions, "Summer Rain."

Enjoy the tunes!