This song's alternate title is "Miaki's Dream."  Sometimes I wish it still had that name. But I wrote it to explore the world of a child. Think how often a child hears the word "no." Sometimes she hears a "yes." But how quixotic the pattern those words create! Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

A Time for Ana
A dear neighbor of mine led such a difficult life as a child. The more I heard of the things she'd passed through made my heart ache. I wrote "A Time for Ana" in her honor, in the desire that one day she will have the peace I sought to explore in this song.

I spent the summers as a small child in Gunnison, Colorado, a tiny community nestled in the heart of the Rockies. Words cannot do justice to the beauty of the daily spring showers that passed through each summer day.  But this song seeks to capture the renewal and refreshment that these light fifteen-minute  showers brought.

A River to Cross
Have you ever experienced a time in your life that you wanted immediately to cease? A "river" that felt far too wide to cross? The feelings are ominous, the weight is heavy. The point? That we can't cross these "rivers" ourselves. Listen for the consistent "rowing" patter in the song. It symbolizes the strength of those who help us during the most difficult times in our lives.

The people most delicate in our lives are the young. Regardless of whether  they always "please" us in every choice they make, they deserve delicate treatment. This lullaby is written to remind me of the tender nature of youth...and that both boys and girls are beautiful. 

I am a Christian. I love my Lord. And I look forward to the day when He comes. This song is to encapsulate the tender beauty of seeing His face on that glorious day, and the joy I hope I have brought Him through the kind and tender treatment of His children here below.

Life can be full of surprises. I wrote this song about the Jaredites, a group of people who left the Old World and arrived in the New World  - after spending  weeks on end in air tight barges. What would  it have been like to step on land after so many weeks at seas? To me, it is very similar to the tentative start we all experience any time we are new at something.

Forever, My Love
A dear friend of mine lost her husband to cancer. Feeling that sentiment months before he actually passed on, I sat down and wrote the sketch for this song. Eventually this will become a full ensemble piece.

One of my favorite hymns is "How Gentle God's Commands." This piece seeks to explore the delicate yet unending nature of God's love.

Time Will Tell
How carefully can you craft a melody line, and yet keep it full in meaning? It is the same with life. When you are careful crafting a life, the more exquisite it feels.